Brief History of Vilnius Theological College

Vilnius Theological College is one of the Union of Pentecostal Churches of Lithuania (UPCL) ministries area.
On 1989 year Church ministers education program was started in Vilnius Christians of Evangelical Faith Church „House of Prayer“. This program was named „Pastoral Training school” and students were using ICI and BEE manuals. Teachers were from the then Correspondence Institute “Logos”. Later on 1997 year this program turned into College Distance Studies Faculty.
In 1991 there were 3 churches within the UPCL.  By 1993 God had raised up 9 new churches, for a total of 12.  It was at that time when Ivanas Shkulis (then vice-president of the Union) and Rimantas Kupstys (then he was responsible for Union inside and interchurch relationships department; now bishop of UPCL), Vladimir Zdanevich (then responsible for education area) met with Bob Mackish (former Area Director of the CIS/Baltic Republics area for the Assemblies of God) to share their burden for a Pentecostal Bible College.  Each man saw the desperate need for spiritual leaders who could inspire the believers to do great works for God.
In September 1995 the College opened its doors to 12 students enrolled in a two-year program centered on ministry in the local church, consisting of 64 credits (diploma in Theology and Christian Education). Vice-president of Union Ivanas Shkulis was appointed director of College. Assemblies of God missionary Rick Lang became the first College academic dean. He and his wife Diana Lang were the first College teachers too.
The following 1996 year an evening program with fifteen students was begun requiring the same number of credits, but spaced out over four years.  In 1998 the institution began a part-time program for pastors and church leaders. These students attended the intensive seminars the institution offered throughout the school year.
Because of students’ number in full time program decrease, it was needed to think how to help ministers, who aren’t able to leave their churches and homes for long time studies. VTC Board of directors made decision to get closer to those, who want study. College opened 4 extensions Study Centres. The first Centre in Vilnius was opened in 2001, the Centre in Klaipeda was opened in 2002 and the Centre in Panevezys was opened in 2003. On 15th September, 2007 one more study centre in Kedainiai town opened its doors for students from Kedainiai region.
2004 year College started an extension program for Bachelor’s degree diploma in Bible and Church Ministry.
2005 year Vilnius Theological College Board of Directors decided to suspend full-time program for a few years.
Today have graduated 307 students; most of them are in ministry in some capacity.
Lectures are mainly taught in Lithuanian, some courses are taught in Russian and English with interpreting into Lithuanian.  We have local teachers and Assembly of God missionaries, who live in Vilnius.
In 2005 Vilnius Theological College together with “Bible League” organization started joint two years extension program “Evangelism and discipleship” for evangelical churches missionaries. On 3rd March, 2007 the first group of students finished this program.
On September, 2007 new group was started in Kaunas for Kaunas region ministers. There are plans to start this program in Vilnius in October.
VTC has assembled a library of about 9000 volumes with 3000 different titles, computer aids and audio/video resources. We are trying to translate main manuals into Lithuanian language. We are working on converting video and main courses manuals to digital format.