Mission Statement

KlasėThe Union of Pentecostal Churches of Lithuania’s spiritual educational institution Vilnius Theological College provides the opportunity to those called of God to develop their gifts and prepare them for ministry to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ.

VTC’s mission statement (the reason we exist) has been reduced to as few a words as possible.  Each word is meaningful:

  • spiritual educational– Education is of course a vital component to our mission.  Education for ministry must be more than an academic exercise.  It is a spiritual activity.  We are Pentecostal!  We endeavor to unite Pentecostal theology with Pentecostal practice.  Not only do we strive to educate according to the highest academic standards, but also to be a catalyst for a divine move of God amongst the churches that we serve.
  • provides the opportunity- We realize that the development of one’s gifts cannot be forced, but must come from self-motivation.  Students are expected to take the initiative in studies and spiritual development.  We provide many opportunities for academic, spiritual, and social development, but each student is responsible for his or her growth in these areas.
  • those called of God-  We believe that God is still calling people into ministry today.  By ministry we mean pastors, evangelists, missionaries, etc.
  • develop their gifts-  Those called of God are given gifts, both natural and supernatural.  VTC provides the opportunity to discover these gifts and to develop them to the highest levels possible.
  • prepare for them for ministry-  We are preparing those called for ministry.  Ministers need a good foundation in God’s Word.  The Bible is the primary textbook for every class.  From this foundation is taught a solid theology and practical application for church ministry.
  • to fulfill the Great Commission–  Fulfilling the great commission is the ultimate goal toward which the college prepares students.  Understood in these two words is not only proclamation of the Gospel, but the entire process of becoming a disciple.